Cryptocurrency marketing can sometimes be fraudulent, and if suspicious schemes or scams are promoted, it can be terrible for users.

The goal of Dubai's new crypto marketing regulations is to protect investors and, ideally, keep the public from being exposed to manipulative information.

As you know that fake cryptocurrency news are really harmful for investors so they should be careful to these type of news.

The facts should always be correct and the promotion's goal should be obvious when marketing or promoting cryptocurrency. 

This will guarantee that investors are aware that they are seeing an advertisement rather than original information or facts.

New legal requirements for the marketing or promotion of digital assets are being introduced by the nation's Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA).

The VARA recommendations were released in response to Abu Dhabi's recent plans to introduce a blockchain and virtual asset strategy that is consistent with the nation's overall economic strategy.

In fact, Dubai will introduce a new licence system called MVP (Minimal Viable Product),

Investors can now trade and use cryptocurrencies safely, and businesses can continue to run as usual.