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Videlify Review – Introduction

Hey, what if you could click your mouse 4 times and legally start hijacking OTHERs sites and videos for free targeted traffic to any link? Which site would you want to siphon traffic from?

Perhaps sites like New York Times, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal… Just imagine how much traffic you could be getting if this was possible. Would that interest you?

If you answered yes, then I’m here today to give you good news.

We’ve figured out a way to generate 100% free buyer traffic, and without doing any of the work ourselves. It beats everything else out there by light-years. How? We do something called “hijacking”. In a nutshell, we “hijack” OTHER people’s videos & websites to send free buyer traffic to our offers. And it’s completely legal and ethical because we do it in a unique way.

It’s all possible thanks to Videlify Videlify allows you to hijack other websites and videos for free buyer traffic to any link of your choice. And unlike any low quality hijacking-software in the market, I give you a guarantee in Videlify because I tested it and it was really unbelievable.

So to know more about this product’s features and how it works, please keep reading my Videlify Review.

Videlify Review – Overview

Vendor:Rick Ng
Launch Date:2021-Aug-08
Launch Time:10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$17
Recommendation:Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Videlify Review – What Is Videlify?


Videlify is a breakthrough cloud-based app that legally puts your clickable links/video ads/buttons on others’ sites & videos in just a few clicks




Works On Any Device

● Work In Any Niche

● Newbie approved & loved by experts

● One time price, no additional cost

● Zero tech skills. Zero experience

● Work In Any Niche

● 100% Newbie Friendly

● Fully Customisable

● Dedicated and on going support

● Unlimited In-Stream Video Ads To Promote Any Kinds Of Offers

● No hosting, No Domain, No Video Creation, No WordPress Websites

● Completely legal and ethical to do

● Legally hijack any video and website and put your affiliate link on it without spending a dime.

● Auto-post to top social platforms in 1 click for FREE traffic

● Free commercial license included

● VIP Bonus For Fast-Action Taker: Lifetime VideoHosting, Lifetime Drive, Lifetime Autoresponder, Lifetime Website Builder



So far, there is none.


Videlify Review-What Are The Best Features?


● Create Video Advertisements With Ease: It’s just like a YouTube ad, but it won’t cost you a dime. Simply enter your link, and the ad you want to display appears on any video you want without any cost.

● Use Others Videos & Websites For Free Traffic: Not only will Videlify allow you to edit others videos, it also lets you edit websites as well. You can add in your links and other elements. After that, you can enjoy the traffic & authority!

● Easily add interactive elements (CTA, Button, Clickable Link/Text,Optin Form,etc) on your video ads to get longer viewer attention and better engagement. You can directly promote different kinds of offers you want from your video ads.

● Hijack authority from any site and put your hijacked video campaign on it to be able to build trust and get more traffic+sales.

● We have an in-built trending article searcher which will help you get the most trending articles on the internet.

● Automatically schedule bulk campaigns to 21 social media platforms throughout the year.

● All campaigns are hosted on our blazing server – No hosting, No Domain, No Video Creation, No WordPress WebsitesNewbie-friendly.

● Free commercial license included


Videlify Review –  How do your use it?

Select>Hijack>Link>Profit In 4 Steps as below:

  • STEP 1: Select

Choose the video or website you want to hijack

  • STEP 2: Link

Enter the link or video ads you want to display on the video or website

  • STEP 3: Hijack

Activate Videlify Campaign and add your free video ads to a hijacked video.

  • STEP 4: Share Or Embed

Share Or Embed Your Campaign To Anywhere You want Using Our Bulk Social Schedule App.


Videlify Review – My experience in using it and How does it work?


I’ve tried this software as a tester recently. I’m going to instruct you how to use this amazingly handy machine and make the most honest review for you.


So you can trust everything from my review.

Below is the dashboard of Videlify as you can see:




From here, I will show you how to use this software to turn other videos and sites into free buyer traffic. But first of all, let’s check our training member area:




Now, let’s dive into the software with the video hijacking method.




From the dashboard, click on the “add new video” button as below:



It will move you to a campaign setting interface that includes 4 steps to create your video campaign:




In this first step, you will need to insert the URL of your advertisement video that you want to get traffic to, then give it a title and a description. These information will appear whenever you share the campaign on the social network.


After that, you can choose to upload the video thumbnail, enable the option “responsive video” or not however you want.

Scroll down and you can see more setting we can do with Player skin:



The above option “branding logo” allows you to upload your brand’s image into the ads video.

When you’re done, move to the next step:




After create a video campaign, you can add your free video ads at no cost to your video campaign:



Simply add a video ads from Youtube, Vimeo or a custom URL of your choice, then select a display type whether you want your video campaign appears “at start” or “on specific time” of this video ads as above. Then we proceed to next step




In this step, we will start adding interaction elements to our video campaign, to make our video more valuable and interacting enough to keep viewers stay longer.


As can be seen below, there’re many interaction types you can add to our video campaign such as: Call to action, File download, Quiz/Poll, Hotspot, Video, Optin Form, Text, Image, Google Map, Custom HTML, Countdown timer. Depends on the package you get, you will get corresponding number of interaction types :




So for example, I will show you some interaction types and how to set them up. It’s soo simple:

● Call To Action:



With this above “Call to action” interaction, now you can boost conversions with call to action buttons inside your videos. See the preview on the left-hand field.


Next, you can click on “go to final video” to end the process and export the video campaign, or you can click on “Save & Add new interaction” to continue adding other interaction types to your video. I will continue editing

● File Download:



This interaction type allows you to add file downloads directly inside any video you want.

● Quiz/Poll:



This is one of my favourite features, now you can use quizzes and polls to collect feedback of your audiences right from your video campaign.

● Hotspot:



You can also add hotspot to your video as above, so that whenever the viewers click on it, a onclick-popup text will appear showing them your messages.


There’re many more cool interaction types like Countdown, google, in-video, optin form… but I can’t show you all in this demo.

You can review all of your added interactions by clicking on the “add interactions” tab as below:



Each interaction goes along with its type and display time, you can also edit them again.

When you’re done, simple press “Go to final video” to move on to our last step.






From here, you can preview your video campaign, get its embed code and share your campaign to 21 social media platforms.




In this section, I will explain how to hijack a web page to display your created video campaign:



After clicking on “add hijack campaign” as above,  a form will appear as below:


From here, just provide hijack campaign title, description, then add the hijack source website. You can  do that by searching the site by keyword, or using custom URL.

Videlify is equipped with sources that can capture trending content over the internet by keyword to search trending content:



After providing the needed information, click “Save campaign” and now you’re successfull in hijacking other websites for buyer traffic:



We have a previewing and sharing windown here. Let’s click to see my website campaign in use:




This is another product worth the money that I would recommend to you. The investment they have made in creativity and artificial intelligence for this software is really surprising me, thanks to that, my experience when having hijacked others’ sites and videos for free buyer traffic was ABSLUTELY comprehensive. No cons found so far!


Finally, I found a “real” tool that allows me to build interactive videos for my business and my clients. With the full package, you can add in so many different elements – everything from countdown timers, call to actions, optin forms, text, images, logos, and even more.. that will bring your video ads to a whole new level.


Above all, although this product has soo many amazing functions and features that I thought I might have difficulty to get used to it, it’s still soo simple and easy to use so that I don’t need to do much manual work. Highly approved!


Take action now. Click the buy button below and claim your exclusive one-time fee access to what’s fast becoming the most preferred website builder for business owners and marketers around the world.


Who Videlify Is For?


No Matter What You’re Doing, You Can Make GREAT Use Of Videlify:

● Video Marketing

● Freelancing

● Affiliate Marketing

● Arbitrage

● Product Creation

● Local Marketing

● Consulting

● High Ticket Sales

● eCommerce


Price Evaluation?


Videlify has 1 Front-end and 6 OTOs:

FE: Videlify Regular ($17)


● Hijack Any Video and Add In-stream Video Ads

● Hijack Any Website and Put Hijacked Video Campaign On It

● Blast It To 21 Social Media Platforms Simultaneously (or Use Schedule Feature)

● In-depth Training + Premium Support

● No Hosting+Domain Required

● Hot Bonuses: Lifetime Drive Platform, Lifetime Website Builder, Lifetime Autoresponder

● Commercial License Included


OTO #1: Videlify Pro ($37)


● Create Unlimited Videos and Add Unlimited In-stream Video Ads + Interactive Elements

● Integrate Unlimited social accounts For Bulk Social Schedule

● Add Custom HTML/Google Map To In-stream Video Ads


OTO #2: Videlify Advanced ($47)


● Curate Trending Articles From The Internet

● Detailed Analytic Dashboard.

● Add Hotspots/Quiz/Poll To In-stream Video Ads

● Access To 1M HD Stock Video

● Detailed Analytic Dashboard.


OTO #3: Videlify DFY Toolkit ($47)


Part 1: The ground-breaking software collection that allows you to create stunning social images, animated videos, video ads for your social accounts.


Part 2: You will get some stunning DFY graphics that you can use:


● 100 High-Converting DFY Videos

● 800 royalty free graphics

● 200 customizable logos

● Collection of infographics and editable banners

● PDF Thumbnails


OTO #4: Videlify Agency ($47-$127)


Allow users to manage videos for their clients

● On top of that, we allow users to create 100-500 accounts for their clients.

● You can also get our DFY Agency Includes… – Professional Agency Website –  Fiverr Sales Kit  –  DFY Email Templates  –  DFY Social Marketing Suite  –  DFY Video Sales Letter  –  DFY Client Contract Template  –  Business Card Template  –  Exclusive Client Landing Training


OTO5: Videlify Club ($19)


● 4 Ground-Breaking Apps + Weekly Internal Training + Brand New Software


OTO #6:  Videlify Reseller ($67 – Unlimited Licenses )


● Resell Videlify Accounts and Keep 100% Profit.

● Use Our Sale Pages

● Use Our Video Marketing Modules

● Use Our Hosting




You just pay the one-time fee and no monthly, yearly, or translation fees to possess Videlify. It would be one of your best investments this year for sure. Because the price can increase surprisingly, do not hesitate to buy and enjoy this software. I believe that better things are waiting for you ahead.

Now is the time my Videlify Review comes to an end. Thanks for your time in reading. I hope that my review has given you a hand in looking for a profitable online product. Goodbye, and I will see you very soon.

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