Updated Facebook Messenger for Mac OS (M1 & M2)

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After a few years, Facebook Messenger was finally updated to support Apple's first Macs with custom CPUs. This will improve the app experience for those who use Messenger to communicate with their friends, family, as well as other loved ones.

A universal compatibility with Apple Silicon can improve an app's performance, responsiveness, and efficiency.

Features of Facebook Manager for macOS include:

  • Increased typing speed, continuous video chats, and desktop notifications keep you connected;
  • Organize one-on-one meetings or join the group members using the advantages of high-quality audio and video chat;
  • Host up to 50 guests without time restrictions;
  • Using dark mode in low-light conditions will reduce display brightness;
  • Use emoji, stickers, and GIFs when words are enough;
  • Send your friends pictures and videos. Download files to increase productivity.

While WhatsApp's macOS version, which is in in beta testing, is about to get an update, Facebook Messenger is the first Meta app to offer native Apple Silicon compatibility.

Apple's Catalyst technology, which is used in the new beta, makes it simple for developers to migrate iOS applications to macOS.

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