Profit Maximiser Review 2022 – Must Read BEFORE Buy!

Do you want to read a Profit Maximiser review? Is Profit Maximiser a rip-off? Can it really assist you in earning extra money from home?

Profit Maximiser, the Matched Betting pioneer, provides the whole Matched Betting package. Prior to Profit Maximizer, there was no Matched Betting service.

Profit Maximiser's designer claims to have streamlined Matched Betting to cover a market need in order to let individuals make a reasonable living from their computers.

Based on images uploaded on their forums, it looks that earning between £100 and £2,000 per month is a possibility.

But you may be wondering whether Profit Maximiser can genuinely earn you money.

I've done extensive study on Profit Maximiser in the last several weeks to assist you make an educated conclusion. As a result, I'll tell you all you need to know.

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What Exactly Is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser is a matched betting program that promises to help you achieve assured betting profits by using free bets, casino deposit bonuses, and other similar promotions.

Profit Maximizer simplifies matched betting. With this software developed for novices, you may earn additional money by betting on free bets and bonuses step by step. No prior experience is necessary.

Profit Maximiser demonstrates how to reload deals as well as how to check the most current casino bonuses and free bet offers. As long as your bookmaker accounts aren't closed down, you'll have a steady supply of low-risk bets with guaranteed earnings. Every day, reload offers will enable you to earn money from bookmakers and casinos.

Benefit Maximiser teaches you how to profit from each bargain that is available on any given day.

Profit Maximiser was created by who?

Profit Maximiser was created by math prodigy Mike Cruickshank. He is a person who is well-organized, thorough, and careful.

Years of bonus hunting (free bets, spins, refunds, etc.) led to the development of unique methods that allowed him to convert the uncertain gaming offers into reliable revenue chances and make a livelihood.

Mike described his innovative approach of earning bonuses using Bonus Bagging during his time there (mainly sportsbook welcome bonuses, see our review). Profit Maximizer was later included.

Profit Maximiser is essentially an upgraded version of the original service, extending the options into casino, bingo, and spread betting sectors, as well as loads of continuing offers that result in more earnings.

Mike's major emphasis in this area is on cashing out bonuses from sportsbooks, casinos, and bingo sites using the arbitrage idea with little or no risk.

Subscribers to the Profit Maximiser's education and teaching programs, as well as its collective expertise, will be given a one-of-a-kind framework. Taking use of these enables you to carry out the full procedure with ease and confidence.

Mike's contribution to the expansion of matched betting, in my view, is significant, as the organization of matched betting subscription services, as well as automated software, simplifies and secures the whole process.

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What Is the Process of Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser is a web-based solution. Bookmaker promos and offers are sought after 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to strike successful transactions.

The promotion is put on the website after it has been confirmed to be lucrative. Price hikes, free spins, deposit bonuses, and free bets are the most prevalent deals.

Profit Maximiser not only informs you about the offer, but also provides you with a detailed guide so that you can follow along.

In addition, the Profit Maximiser service provides Video Assistance, which explains you how to accomplish everything step by step. When you have the correct assistance, you can do so much more.

What exactly is Inside Profit Maximiser?

Casino Promotions

Profit Maximizer excels in casino offers, which are its most valuable asset. Casino offers feature a high degree of volatility, as opposed to ordinary matched betting, which generates profits in a consistent and progressive way.

When you operate with variation, your earnings and losses fluctuate. It automatically determines if an offer is +EV (Positive Expected Value) or not, which is quite important since you normally only want to perform +EV offers.

In general, you may anticipate a lot of ups and downs in your gains and losses while playing at casinos.

You do, however, have a chance to win large.

According to Profit Maximiser, the greatest casino offer of 2015 was almost £500,000 earned.

Despite the fact that casino offers need a minimum of £200 to begin, Profit Maximizer variance boosts your chances of winning. Profit maximizer's casino offerings are among the finest among matched betting sites.

Sports Betting Promotions

Profit Maximiser's casino offers are amazing, but they do not overlook the sportsbook promos.

Almost every Sportbook deal may be used to your advantage in some manner. Profit Maximiser provides all of the information required to generate money from them.

Profit Maximiser's sports betting offers are outstanding since the website tells you just how to take advantage of them. It's useful since it saves time.

The Oddsmatcher Program

This tool may be used to detect close matches between a bookmaker and a betting exchange. It is both a time and money saver.

Bookmakers and betting exchange sites may use the Odds Matcher to match odds as precisely as feasible. It alleviates the burden of trying to locate a suitable match on your own.

You may see how much profit you are likely to earn ahead of time. Allow the odds matcher to perform its work on the calculator, then enter the data accurately.

Using the Oddsmatcher can help you discover a better match than manually searching and potentially becoming weary of finding near odds.

There is no simpler method to engage in matched betting.

While Profit Maximiser suggests which chances to pursue, Oddsmatcher suggests which odds to accept.

The program goes a step further by calculating the amounts automatically depending on the offer you're submitting.

Calendar of Offers

The offer calender allows you to keep track of the daily specials. You may also sign up to get daily newsletters with the greatest bargains.

On the site, there is also a regular offer calendar, as well as Mike's daily email newsletter, which lists all of the bookmaker and casino promotions (every day).

The double-check tool is useful if you want to ensure that you haven't overlooked anything or if you want to keep your inbox more organized.

This is also a terrific method to keep track of bargains that are valid for longer than a day. For example, if you still have 7 days to fulfill an offer, you may leave it up for the day...

When you have a lot of offers to receive the following day, it's easy to forget about these ones.

When there are so many offers that you don't know where to begin, having a calendar nearby may help you keep organized.

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Profit Maximiser Discussion Forum

Profit Maximizer runs a restricted Facebook group where all tips and tactics are shared.

You may seek assistance from a community of like-minded individuals who are eager to share their betting expertise and answer any concerns you may have. There, you'll encounter the top bonus hunters that can assist you.

Joining this forum will teach you how to turn casino ambiguity into profits. It's an excellent resource for assistance.

The Profit Maximiser Community group is managed on Facebook, so you may check in anytime you want.

Because of Facebook's super-fast server, you will always get push notifications quicker.

This is an excellent group with a wealth of expertise and understanding. If you're looking for bonuses, you should definitely join this group.

Tutorials & Private Site Access

When you become a member, you will get access to Profit Maximiser's teaching site. There are both written and video instructions offered.

Sports betting may be learned via videos or pdf manuals that give step-by-step instructions.

If you're not accustomed to them, you could find it difficult to locate matched betting reload offers at first.

Nonetheless, when you have useful materials like these courses at your disposal, you may start generating money online fast and with fewer difficulties.

It's easy and straightforward, so you'll pick it up quickly.

Guides are accessible in both textual and video versions, allowing you to follow the process in any medium you choose.

Email the Support Center

Profit Maximiser provides a responsive email support center that replies quickly to any kind of enquiry while also answering any queries you may have.


Profit Maximiser's website has add-on tools that improve your experience. They are not, however, free. They have extra charges. In any case, these add-ons are fantastic for making your Profit Maximiser experience gratifying.

  • Bagging Extras

  • EV Booster

  • Sniper in Every Direction

  • Sniper on Betfair

  • blowout at the bookie

  • Bagging Extras

This is a great place to start if you're new to matched betting. Match betting is discussed in depth, and you will learn how to make more money from it. Even if you're a complete fool when it comes to gambling, buy yourself a bonus bag!

EV Booster

Casino promotions are often accompanied with faulty calculators, which might result in you losing your bets. The EV maximizer, on the other hand, will tell you which offers are lucrative before you start.

Sniper in Every Direction

If you like betting on horse races, the each-way sniper is the wager for you. Using the tool, you may improve your chances of winning while assuming the least amount of risk.

Sniper at Betfair

Horse racing betting is also offered with Betfair sniper. This tool is intended to assist you in trading swings before to the off so that you may potentially lock in winnings.

Blowout at the Bookie

Bookie blowout provides suggestions the night before a race with the goal of laying off on exchanges to lock in gains. Nonetheless, your account will most likely be restricted, and bookmakers' liabilities will be capped anyhow the night before a race.

Pricing for Profit Maximization

A 14-day trial of the Profit Maximiser is available for as low as £1. Profit Maximiser costs £97 (plus VAT) per year for full access.

The product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You will have access to Profit Maximiser after paying the subscription cost. A few add-ons are available for purchase, but they are not required.

In compared to its rivals, Profit Maximiser is a bargain. Subscribers to other sites such as OddsMonkey pay up to £150 each year.

Profit Maximiser: Is it a Scam?

Profit Maximiser is definitely not a sham. Profit Maximiser is a legal business that allows you to make extra money.

People are skeptical of the site's genuineness since it lacks a slick appearance. Nonetheless, there is no doubting that Profit Maximiser is quite beneficial and does exactly what it claims.

Profit Maximiser may help you earn a lot of money if you're ready to put in the effort.

Profit Maximiser isn't flawless, but it makes up for it with its community. There is no greater Matched Betting community with more expertise than any other.

Pros and Cons of Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximiser's Advantages

  • By teaching you the fundamentals of matched betting, the site shows you how to benefit on free online bookmarkers' bets.

  • It is a respectable approach to generate money online in most cases.

  • There are many helpful users on the Facebook private forum.

  • You do not need any prior gaming expertise to utilize this strategy.

  • It provides excellent customer service.

  • Training recommendations of high quality are provided.

The Drawbacks of Profit Maximiser

  • The Profit Maximiser method is only available to inhabitants of the United Kingdom and Ireland, which is a significant disadvantage.

  • Monthly subscriptions are not available.

  • It's a little intimidating at first. If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult.

Profit Maximiser Review: The Final Word

Profit Maximiser seems to be strongest at casino betting, which isn't for everyone. To benefit from casino betting, you must fulfill the +EV offers, which might be difficult.

Many online programs presently claim to make you wealthy and enable you to "quit your day job," among other things. They have never kept such commitments. Profit Maximiser, on the other hand, is unique.

Profit Maximiser, in general, delivers on its claims. Profit Maximiser offers a high-quality service at an affordable cost.

Profit Maximiser is distinguished by the expertise provided in the private Facebook group and the owner's dedication to locating high-value casino deals.

Match betting incentives are available for new accounts as well as daily recurring deals.

Members will be able to recoup their yearly membership price within the first month. If they put in the time and effort, they will be able to do much more.

So go ahead and give Profit Maximizer a go. Given the money-back guarantee, it's risk-free.

Profit Maximiser Review Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser earns money by using free bet offers, spread bets, casino free spins, and bingo sign up bonuses. This review will teach you more about Profit Maximiser.

How effective is Profit Maximiser?

The best way to find out is to try it yourself.

You can receive a £1+Vat deal here for 14 days for a short time; we can all afford one pound and twenty pence, so why not try it for yourself?

What is the price of Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser's complete price for the first year is £97+Vat, for a total of £116.40.

Is Profit Maximiser a monthly subscription service?

No. You may either pay the whole £97+Vat upfront, or you can buy the £1+Vat for 14 days deal and then pay the remaining £96+Vat at the end of the 14 days.

Only these two methods of payment are available.

How can I become a member of the Profit Maximiser Facebook group?

Profit Maximiser subscribers are the only ones who may join the Profit Maximiser Facebook group. After you've joined Profit Maximiser, you'll notice a 'click here' button (step 3); just follow the steps and you'll be added to the Profit Maximiser Facebook group.

Is there a free trial available for Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser does not provide a free trial, however you may test it for £1 for 14 days here. In other words, it's a risk-free trial period.


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