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Let me first introduce Catherine before getting into the technical parts of this EyeSlick review. Catherine is a stay-at-home mom. Her family, which included her husband and two children, lived a healthy lifestyle but struggled to make ends meet.

Catherine learned about EyeSlick via her friend Helen, a Software Engineer, and despite her reluctance to be a digital user, her ambition to achieve led her to adopt the EyeSlick application.

EyeSlick Review - Digital Marketing's New Face!

EyeSlick review

Everyone engulfed in the current trend of sparkling Social Media may not realize that tomorrow will alter the way you use social media? Here's how EyeSlick can be one of the most difficult and powerful platforms ever created, with the potential to change history.

EyeSlick is a popular video marketing platform that raised $1 million in venture capital investment before going online. It has the ability to produce or curate videos and sell them directly from the site. EyeSlick combines video and retail to enable you build a stress-free but extremely successful method to benefit from social media in three simple steps.



3 – PROFIT – Even if the videos aren't yours, you can profit from them.

Do you get the feeling I've forgotten something? No. It's really that simple.

For a deeper understanding, please continue reading the EyeSlick review.

EyeSlick is a next-generation live streaming platform that enables you to sell things, establish channels, and broadcast your stream to viewers willing to pay to watch videos.

  • Here, live-streaming video artists may sell their products.
  • If necessary, sell the videos of them.
  • Pre-mode videos should be uploaded.
  • Sell both physical and digital goods.
  • They sell their goods to individuals, small groups, and huge organizations, and they charge by the minute.
  • They may even make money off of the platform's contributions.

Catherine is now earning a few thousand dollars each month simply by uploading video channels (both her own and those she has acquired from YouTube) to EyeSlick and monetizing them.

About EyeSlick

EyeSlick is a ground-breaking new video platform with built-in e-commerce capabilities. This platform gives you a variety of possibilities from which to pick. You may stream live video from your computer or mobile phone using iTunes/Play Store applications, or you can upload prepared films or even import videos from YouTube and post them to EyeSlick.

What Is EyeSlick and How Does It Work?

EyeSlick is a video-based online platform that allows anybody who has never earned money online to do so quickly. This EyeSlick review is going to revolutionize the future of social networking since it's simple to use, and anybody with a basic understanding of computers can use it to earn a decent living.

Let's go through each of EyeSlick's key menus one by one.

Step 1 - Login.

It allows other users to learn more about you, such as your level and experience. It also provides a fast overview of your account.

Step 2 – What is included inside this menu?

My Channel, Focus List, Channel settings, Messages, My Payments, My Purchases, Profile settings, My Partners, and other choices are available on the menu panel.

My YouTube Channel - You'll discover all of the videos and goods that you've connected to your accounts in this area.

List of Key Points

You may preview, copy, and share your channel here, as well as set up your channel information. You may find this information here.

  • Check out your channel before you subscribe.
  • Add a title and/or a description.
  • Select a channel industry.
  • New categories may be added.
  • Set a special call price.
  • Channel status should be selected.
  • Broadcasting on Time
  • Messages
  • My Expenses
  • Configure your profile

3rd step

Start monetizing your channel right now with our platform by selling live video access, posting and selling any content, and earning profit from contributions.

What is included in it?

You'll receive a ton of additional training and do-it-yourself resources to help you locate the ideal channels to develop as part of this package. Also included as part of your front end purchase is a 5% royalty-free bonus from the founder.

Includes Facebook advertisements, Instagram banners, and even extremely polished films that you can simply paste and earn from.

Exclusive training resources include step-by-step videos explaining how to generate huge income with only 5 minutes of labor, as described in the EyeSlick review.

Downloadable PDFs are supplied so that you may print the physical copies and preserve them as a reference book.

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Pros and Cons of EyeSlick

Unlike other products, we'll go into the good and bad features of EyeSlick in this review.


  • EyeSlick has a reasonable price tag.
  • It's a solid, one-of-a-kind platform.
  • Tools that are reliable
  • a fantastic strategy to grow your marketing company


  • Access is restricted.
  • Some people try to upsell you.

Pricing and Bonuses with a Twist

EyeSlick is available in two different plans. The EyeSlick beginner pack and the EyeSlick ultimate system are the two options.

$37 for the EyeSlick starting pack

  • Three EyeSlick channels are included in the beginning bundle.
  • It's simple to utilize in the market place, and it's an excellent money-making strategy.
  • Import YouTube videos with a single click.
  • Live video recording and uploading are both available.
  • Apps for iPhone and Android, as well as PC and Mac.
  • Video training library with step-by-step instructions.
  • Bonus lives is hosting a webinar event.

$67 for the EyeSlick Ultimate System

  • There are 25 EyeSlick channels.
  • Market place/product publisher, tips/rewards, and money-making system that is simple to use.
  • Youtube video importer with a single click.
  • Live video recording and uploading are both available.
  • Apps for iPhone and Android are supported, as well as PCs and Macs.
  • Video training library with step-by-step instructions
  • Bonus lives is hosting a webinar event.
  • Royalties paid to resellers ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
  • Automatically get 5% commission on platform sales for channels you give away.
  • We will utilize the $1 million in committed funds to build EyeSlick to the next big social media platform, so you will benefit from our traffic bonus.
  • EyeSlick is a piece of software that allows you to see things

EyeSlick software

OTO EyeSlick

($19.97–$47.00) Front End

Customers will be issued licenses that allow them to do the following:

Create EyeSlick channels and list as many digital and physical items as they want.

Licenses allowing users to develop e-commerce and traffic-enabled video channels may be sold or given away.

Customers will get a 5% founders royalty fee on every transaction the channel creator makes, whether it's through actual e-commerce items, phone coaching, live video sales, or any other manner the channel provider makes money.

There will be a maximum of 10,000 license bundles available for purchase, after which they will no longer be accessible. This isn't a pre-existing shortage.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with all orders. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you discover that EyeSlick's V tail platform is not for you during the first 30 days. According to the guaranteed guarantee, you are entitled for a complete refund.

OTO 1 ($67.00): EyeSlick Agency toolkit

Cheatsheets for Channel Targeting

They have six spreadsheets with breakdowns of all channel subcategories and related professionals they may contact for channel giveaways.

Video Training Series in 6 Parts

High-quality, exclusive material

  • Companion PDF docs
  • Bundle of promotional materials

If they want to give the channels away to offline business people or over the phone, they may include email swipe series, professional crafted video commercials, designed for you and created with source code, powerpoint presentation, and follow through scripts.

  • Training and resources for building websites
  • Training on how to set up and operate a website for an agency.

OTO 2 - EyeSlick VIP Membership ($97 or pay in installments)

Channels will be awarded lifelong pro status, which comes with perks like as

  • You are not restricted in terms of the amount of goods you can add to each channel.
  • On their channel, they may record and post up to 10 hours of video material.
  • There will be no advertisements.

After four weeks, advertising will be introduced to the platform.

For the next six months, each channel that offers you to give away will improve your results to pro. (They will be able to sell more, allowing you to make more.)

  • The pool of Eye Sticks is provided.

OTO 3 - EyeSlick Agency Plus ($297)

  • Earnings are boosted by an additional 3% of sales.
  • Purchases of subsequent invitations will get a 20% discount.
  • As an incentive for introducing individuals to EyeSlick, channel invitations get $20 instead of $10.


Let's wrap off our EyeSlick review by defining vTail. The name vTail refers to a new streamlined method, unlike anything you've seen before, that enables you to benefit from video, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, social networking platforms, and more. In 2018, 1.92 billion individuals made digital purchases and used internet services.

One of the most successful methods to reach, interact, and sell things online is via vTail. The finest types of social video are live or hosted on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. According to research, e-commerce is on track to exceed $20 trillion in the near future. The online retail possibility will be one of the most popular marketing tools in the future, and it is one that should not be overlooked. The first and only Vtail platform is EyeSlick.

It makes no difference what niche they are in. EyeSlick has the potential to be a game-changer.

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Eyeslick - Rating

Easy To Use



Overall rating :  4 / 5

EyeSlick is a ground-breaking new video platform with built-in e-commerce capabilities. This platform gives you a variety of possibilities from which to pick. You may stream live video from your computer or mobile phone using iTunes/Play Store applications, or you can upload prepared films or even import videos from YouTube and post them to EyeSlick.

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