Coursereel Returns Review 2022 – Must Read BEFORE Buy!

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What Is CourseReel and How Does It Work?

CourseReel is a cloud-based video-course production programme that converts your voice or any other type of audio recording into a professional video complete with slides, text, design, voice-over, sync, and more, all automatically integrated and ready to personalise in minutes.

It's never been easier to create video courses. Simply upload your thoughts as an audio recording, text, or even an old film, and the A.I. automatically transcribes and turns them into a completely configurable movie with slides, text, graphics, backdrop, and more.

It includes a Camtasia-style timeline-based powerful video editor that allows you to effortlessly customise and add that WOW-factor to your videos while also allowing you to quickly make and share them.

You may even copy and paste content into CourseReel, which will convert it to a video. Rinse-n- You'll have a video course ready in minutes if you repeat this process a few times.

You can use CourseReel to:

  • You don't have to be an expert to create video courses.
  • Create affiliate marketing review videos.
  • Make YouTube videos for your channel.
  • Create video courses for small businesses in your area.
  • For video courses, create video sales letters.
  • Every day, make 50 videos.
  • In minutes, you can make amazing HD videos.
  • Incorporate video snippets into your videos.
  • Make a video course and sell it.
  • There will be no watermark on your videos because you have full rights to them.
  • Get commercial rights and sell your courses all over the world.
  • Inside the dashboard, record your audio.
  • Create a new video by uploading a video and using the audio from that video.
  • To make videos, upload the audio you captured on your phone.
  • Voice-overs are automatically added to your video courses.
  • Create multilingual video courses in English, Spanish, French, and Hindi.
  • To personalise your videos, choose from millions of images.
  • There are thousands of different types of background music to choose from.

What Is the Process of Using CourseReel?

In this section of the CourseReel Review, I'll show you how to utilise Course Reel to make VSLs, video courses, video commercials, and pretty much any other type of video with just your voice by repurposing a different video or audio clip or simply copying and pasting some text.

To begin, go to your CourseReel dashboard and look at the three [3] options for creating various types of videos.

No. 1) You can copy and paste your script and text OR No. 2) You can record right from the dashboard OR No. 3) You can upload ANY video and CourseReel will extract and use the audio from it.

I'm telling you how to make videos by copy-pasting my script or any text for this review. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 (Insert Scripts/Text/Video):

Click "Write & Create" on your CourseReel dashboard after logging in.

Following that, you'll see a form where you may copy and paste your script and text.

Then press "Create."

Step 2 (Convert) consists of the following steps:

CourseReel A.I. will turn that into a series of slides, complete with text, backdrop, photos, and other elements.

Step 3 (Personalize):

Then, using the simple ReelEngine timeline based video editor, personalise your slide, format the text, add an image, or even add video clips anywhere.

(Step 4): Rendering

Finally, when you've finished editing the movie the way you want it, click Render, and the video will begin rendering and be ready to download in a few minutes.

Under the "Project" section, you can see all of your completed projects.

Features and Benefits of CourseReel:

Produces True High-Definition Videos:

CourseReel will provide you with genuine HD quality for any video you create within the app. Your videos will seem sharp and stunning without forcing your viewers to squint at the screen.

Create 100 videos in a week with no effort:

With CourseReel, you'll be able to produce 100 videos per week. Normally, this equates to 400 videos every month or 5,200 videos per year.

Inside the app, record your audio:

When it comes to converting audio to video, CourseReel is truly a one-stop shop. It's as easy as pressing the record button in Course Reel and letting the software handle the rest.

When you're finished, Course Reel will provide you with a transcribed version of your audio, which you may use to make a video in Course Reel.

Upload a video and use the audio from it to make a new one:

Upload any video to CourseReel that you have access to. It will extract the audio and convert it to text so that you can start creating your own video courses and videos right away.

To make videos, upload your audio:

Although you can record your audio within CourseReel, you can also upload any audio files you have. You might use existing podcasts or other audio recordings to create brand new videos if you have them.

Make videos that are up to 20 minutes long:

Each video you make with CourseReel can only be 20 minutes long. When you combine that with the 100 videos per week, you get a total of 34 hours of video time.

Text To Speech Options With Various Voice Accents:

You may rapidly produce great films without saying a single word by using the text to speech realistic voices provided with CourseReel.

To Use In Slides, Choose From Millions Of Images:

CourseReel also interacts with some of the greatest stock image sites online (the licencing for use must be checked). This is ideal for bringing a visual element to any video.

Facebook is a great place to share your videos.

Simply by adding video to Facebook, you may increase your shares, traffic, and earnings in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. Having the option to post your video directly to Facebook is also a major time saver. Simply design, edit, and export to the site of your choice, then sit back and watch the visitors pour in.

App for iPhone and Android: Course Reel

It makes no difference if it's the most recent iPhone or your Galaxy Tablet. You can carry the power of CourseReel with you everywhere you go with this app.

Transcription for 200 minutes is included:

On Course Reel's lightning fast servers, you get 200 minutes of transcription for all of your films. For some, this is more than enough.

Based entirely on the cloud:

CourseReel is a completely cloud-based application. You can use it on your Mac, Windows, or iPad from anywhere.

Upload to YouTube directly:

You'll also be able to post as many videos as you want directly to your YouTube account via CourseReel.

50 YouTube Channels Must Be Connected:

You'll be able to use CourseReel with 50 different YouTube channels. Simply build your films within Course Reel and send them to any YouTube channel with a single click.

Add Your Own Watermark & Logo:

You can also add your own logos and watermarks to any of your movies to help with branding. You can add numerous logos and watermarks if you have multiple businesses.

Access to a 50,000-plus image library:

Aside from having access to several Stock Image sites, Course Reel also has a personal library of over 50,000 images that have been hand-picked by the CourseReel team.

Access to a video library containing more than 10,000 video clips:

There are over 10,000 royalty-free video clips included, so you can be sure there's one to go with just about every video you can think of.

Background Music Library with 1,000+ Tracks:

With your CourseReel purchase today, you'll get get 1000s of background music songs.

Access to more than 100 fonts:

CourseReel comes with over 100 fonts, ensuring that your videos always stand out.

Approved 100% and Whitehat Software:

Every component of the software has been thoroughly tested and found to be compliant. You can utilise it with complete confidence for all of your business needs.

Commercial Use Permit:

With your CourseReel purchase today, you will receive a commercial licence at no additional cost.

You can use Course Reel to make money by selling your video works to both offline and internet businesses if you choose this option. You could even charge individuals to record their own audio and have you convert it to video for them.

CourseReel's Quick Start Training Center:

You'll receive step-by-step video training and PDF materials to help you get up and running quickly.

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Find out about OTOs and Upsells...

Is There Any Upsells Or OTOs With CourseReel?

There are presently five extra OTOs or upgrades available. You don't need all of them to use CourseReel, but depending on your situation and usage, they may be handy.

CourseReel Unlimited - $67 Only >> OTO/Upsell #1

Unlock capabilities that allow you to make endless films, add studio-quality animation, and sell them for a 100% profit on your own e-learning page.

Take a look at Marketpresso OTO1.

Examine All Of The Upgrade's Key Features,

  •   Get rid of the weekly limit of 50 videos and make as many as you want.
  •   Make as many video courses as you want. There are no limitations.
  •   Produce amazing true hd 1080p videos up to 60 minutes long.
  •   Trimreel's Instagram and Tiktok video resizing function
  •   Create films in any size you choose, whether square or vertical.
  •   Over 75 animation styles to choose from for your animated videos
  •   Add over 65 different video transitions to all of your videos.
  •   Share your videos and clips on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok
  •   You can upload and schedule as many videos and video courses as you desire.
  •   All of your videos are set to high-priority cloud-rendering with Coursereel limitless.
  •   You'll also gain access to their e-learning platform "Acadeable" to host unlimited video courses as a bonus today.
  •   Fast track and priority support are included, as well as priority rendering.

>> CourseReel DFY OTO/Upsell #2 – $197 Only

You may sit back and relax while the CourseReel team does all of the setup and video creation heavy work for you with the "CourseReel Done-For-You" Upgrade.

Examine All Of The Upgrade's Key Features,

  • They'll create a personalised Course Reel for you.
  • They'll design and deliver 10 done-for-you video courses. They'll conduct niche research for these courses.
  • They'll make the instructional videos.
  • Everything will be recorded for the course.
  • They'll turn your recording into a video course.
  • Email assistance + training on a one-on-one basis
  • They'll make your course available on Udemy.

>> CourseReel International – $67 Only >> OTO/Upsell #3

CourseReel International allows you to rapidly translate your videos and video courses into hundreds of different languages, allowing you to reach a far larger global audience and increase your sales.

Examine All Of The Upgrade’s Key Features,

  •  Translate your existing movies into whatever language you desire with a single click and increase worldwide sales. More than 100 languages are supported.
  •  All of your videos should have an international voice-over. Choose from 20 different languages to increase the number of video courses you sell.
  •  English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Turkish are among the languages supported.
  •  Each language includes at least two different male and female vocal accents.
  •  Choose from 50 distinct voice-over dialects to make your message sound as "local" as possible and increase trust.

CourseReel Business - $59 Only >> OTO/Upsell #4

With Whitelabel, you may start your own video-course creation agency with a done-for-you setup.

You'll get complete business capabilities with the CourseReel Business, including a bespoke made-for-you professional looking YouTube Business Website with custom checkout.

Examine All Of The Upgrade's Key Features,

  • Whitelabel rebranding and agency licence
  • Accounts for virtual and team members can be created.
  • DFY 5 year webhosting plan included Beautiful Agency website setup for you
  • Integration with Paypal Custom Checkout
  • Allow customers to make appointments.
  • Add prominent samples of services offered to all pages produced with material
  • Include a client testimonial.
  • Make a view-only account for your clients.
  • Client contracts that have already been written
  • DFY print-ready graphics are an added bonus.
  • Land agency clients will receive 100 DFY lead magnets as a bonus.
  • Bonus: Sell your services with do-it-yourself Facebook ads.
  • You may resell CourseReel and earn 100% commission with the DFY Reseller licence.

PlayerNeos PRO – $47 Only OTO/Upsell #5

PlayerNeos is a cloud-based interactive video producer that can convert any ordinary video into a revenue generator.

Examine All Of This Upgrade's Key Features.

  •  Make your own video players that you can put anywhere.
  •  Add buy now buttons and call-to-actions to entice customers to buy now.
  •  Get around Chrome's and Firefox's obnoxious auto-play disabler.
  • With just one click, you can add personalised autoresponder forms to your videos.
  •  Use countdown clocks in your films to create the illusion of scarcity.
  •  Choose from a variety of eye-catching player designs, including logos, timed pop-ups, and menu buttons.
  •  Personalize it with text and logos.
  •  You'll get limitless changes, free bandwidth, and up to 500 players.
  •  Adding social sharing icons to your website will help you become viral (Facebook, twitter and linkedin)
  •  Customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Why Should You Get This?” asks the CourseReel?

Video content reigns supreme, but making videos that are both useful and engaging is difficult.

The Internet, after all, is really a video archive. You're not going to get very far if you try to do "Internet marketing" without videos.

This is where CourseReel comes in, helping you turn your free time into hundreds of usable films that you can make and share across social media in minutes using its sophisticated Camtasia-style cloud-based video editor.

Simply record voice or copy-paste text, and CourseReel will turn it into a video that you can share on YouTube or sell to clients right now.

The best part is that it comes with a full 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy this next-generation video course builder with perfect confidence.

Furthermore, Course Reel is currently available for a fantastic early bird special price, so what are you waiting for? Simply click here to get your copy of CourseReel and start experiencing the difference right away.

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CourseReel Return - Rating

Easy To Use



Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

CourseReel is a cloud-based video-course creation programme that converts your voice, old videos, or even text into a professional film complete with slides, text, style, voice-over, sync, and more, all automatically integrated and ready to personalise in minutes! You don't have to be an expert to develop a profitable video course using CourseReel, and you may use your own or other people's content.

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