ConversioBot Review 2022 | ⚠️WARNING | Is Worth Buying?

Over the last few years, you've probably noticed that almost every website includes a chatbot, allowing you to easily and simply acquire the information you need.

Even if many of them display a photo of a human along with their name, you know it's a robot messaging you.

It makes no difference whether you're a robot or a human. Chatbots are really useful. They can improve sales by 30 percent on average. However, their true worth lies in the time they save you and your team.

According to IBM, AI chatbots can correctly answer roughly 80% of all routine questions.

That's why we wanted to take a look at ConversioBot, one of the most popular AI chatbots. We go through the key features, pricing, and how to utilise ConversioBot to get the most out of it in this ConversioBot review.

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What is ConversioBot?

ConversioBot is a chatbot creation tool. It allows you to install a highly responsive and customised chatbot to your site without knowing a single line of code.

Whether you choose ConversioBot or one of its competitors, the usefulness of chatbots cannot be underestimated.

Many people nowadays prefer to communicate with businesses using text messages rather than emails or phone conversations. They also desire a quick response.

The benefit of using a chatbot is that you don't have to keep a dedicated team member (or team members) on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of a customer request.

ConversioBot Getting Started

Overall, ConversioBot is simple to set up, comes with a wealth of resources, and is good value, making it a good choice for businesses wishing to integrate AI chatbots into their websites.

What is the price of ConversioBot?

ConversioBot costs $37, but with online coupons, you can acquire it for as little as $27.75 + tax.

However, there is a difference in the plans. ConversioBot's most basic plan allows unlimited manual chatbots and/or 30,000 talks.

You must, however, put in some effort. You'll have to manually enter responses and inquiries that are specific to your company.

Fortunately, the basic account includes access to 10 free templates that will help you get started quickly.

ConversioBot Pricing

If you currently have a basic plan, there is also an Auto-builder for $49 or a Done-for-you by a pro for $97.

If you don't want to spend hours personally programming the Chatbot and making sure it functions properly, both of these affordable options are worth considering.

ConversioBot different plans

Is there a free trial for ConversioBot?

There is no free trial available. ConversioBot, on the other hand, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you decide to invest and then realize it isn't profitable, you can request a refund.

However, you'll still need a chatbot for your site, so we recommend spending your time retooling and improving whichever Chatbot you wind up choosing.

Features of ConversioBot

ConversioBot's main function is to make it simple to create a chatbot. This is simple to accomplish from your dashboard.

Conversio Bot Create Bot

As already said, you may either start with one of the ten free templates or create one from scratch. It doesn't take long to build a reliable bot in either case. Allow yourself more than enough time to try and discover the perfect fit.

The bot can then be trained on what to expect from people by programming user answers. For example, you may include questions regarding pricing, features, product information, and other common questions you get asked.

Conversio Bot User Response

Is ConversioBot a useful tool?

ConversioBot can even provide a response to your query. In the analytics area, you can choose each individual bot and track key metrics like Total Bot Loads, Interactions, and Goals. You can even track mobile and desktop usage to discover where the most engagement is happening.

Integrations with ConversioBot

ConversioBot (and chatbots in general) provide the most value not to customers, but to employees.

ConversioBot can connect to the most popular marketing tools, including MailChimp and AWeber, as well as Zapier and Shopify.

Is ConversioBot Worth It?

ConversioBot is one of the most cost-effective options available. Most other AI chatbot services charge $50-100 per month, but ConversioBot has a one-time setup fee of roughly $30.

It's a low-cost experiment that you can put to the test to see how well it works for you. If your visitors don't engage with the bot, it's a lesson learned about their preferences.

You can also upgrade to a more feature-rich ConversioBot plan or try one of their competitors if you have more extensive needs. In any case, ConversioBot is well worth the money.

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  • Chatbots are simple to make.
  • Some free themes allow you to keep track of your metrics.
  • Chatbots indefinitely
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices
  • Training materials that are useful
  • Cloud-based
  • You have the option to white label and sell your own chatbots.


  • There are just ten free templates available.
  • They are continuously trying to upsell you, which can be irritating.

For today's websites, AI Chatbots have become important. You should have one on your site if you want to increase conversation and revenues. ConversioBot is both simple to use and affordable, so have a look and see whether it's the efficient tool for you.

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ConversioBot- Summary

Ease Of Use



Overall rating :  4 / 5

ConversioBot is a chatbox builder that helps business owners in converting traffic into leads in order to increase earnings. This software includes a simple drag-and-drop tool to assist you in creating and customising your chatbox for a better client experience. It's completely mobile-friendly and simple to integrate into your sales funnels. Would ConversioBot be beneficial to your company? Check out our full ConversioBot review to find out!


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