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Most of these diseases result from poor dietary adaptations and lack of exercise. For example, three major causes of diabetes are eating too many carbohydrates, inactivity, and stress. Fortunately, our ancestors were more used to physical labor than tedious desk jobs. Hence, these diseases affected them less than us.

Diabetes is a concerning disease for everyone around the world. Over 415 million people suffer from this disease worldwide. It is estimated that by 2040, more than half a billion people will be affected by diabetes. Type I diabetes can be diagnosed in people under 20 years because it often has a genetic or hereditary cause. Conversely, type II diabetes is diagnosed later because it results from a poor diet over a long period.

It is alarming to know that this disease is a long-term condition, and there can never be a complete cure for it. Regular medication can only maintain a healthy blood sugar level and control its sudden rise and fall. The disease can only be rescinded; the body can stop showing signs of diabetes, but the condition would still exist nonetheless.

Diabetes can lead to numerous other medical concerns over time. Long-term unchecked diabetes can even lead to life-threatening possibilities. Some significant risks of diabetes are,

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Many companies are experimenting with treatments that do not include oral drugs. Different approaches to medication can significantly increase the chances of improving the condition or at least help maintain normal sugar levels. Dietary supplements, tonics, and tablets are a few recent discoveries that can help battle this disease.

Even when dietary supplements, tonics, or tablets work, they bear numerous harmful effects. They can also cause other severe chronic disorders over time, and they are not suitable for other diseases that develop with diabetes. These medications are pretty expensive due to their synthetic nature.

These alternative approaches to diabetes can only work if subsequent lifestyle changes are also made. No treatment can ever work without lifestyle changes. If someone is taking oral pills for diabetes and continues to have a lot of high-calorie food, the pills will have no effect whatsoever. Establishing a balance between medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle is the only way anyone can deal with the disease.

The most reliable treatment for diabetes is a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a stress-free lifestyle. However, a stress-free lifestyle seems like a luxury these days. Given our current work pressure and busy schedules, we can barely manage any time for ourselves. Hence, it becomes very difficult to maintain an active yet healthy lifestyle that will reduce the effects of such a long-term disease.

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There’s a thriving trade in what are sometimes called “executive book summaries.” These are CliffsNotes for the harried managerial class. New business books are crunched down to a few pages of bullet points, so supervisors can consume them on the run.

Ursula M Burns is the former chief executive of Xerox, a job she held from 2009 to 2016. She was the first Black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company. When her new memoir, Where You Are Is Not Who You Are, gets executive-summarised, the bullet points will probably be obvious.

Burns gives credit for her success to her single mother, a hardworking Panamanian immigrant on welfare who raised three children in a tenement apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Burns prints lessons derived from her formidable mother throughout her memoir, and she isolates the six key takeaways on the final page.


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